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Alternative Thinking

IT Strategy

At Techman Systems, we believe in alternatives. We know that most of the large expensive
systems out there, simply, can not be cheap. But we also know that good, feature rich, quality systems can be cheaper than you think they could be. Combining more thoughtful analysis and smart choice of innovative vendors can sometimes do miracles.

For example, we believe in designing system’s architecture in a way that system’s components and modules maintain the ability of interconnection with each other with a single condition: utilization of general (non-proprietary) industrial standards and protocols of communication.

Apart from elimination of costs of proprietary standards and protocols licenses, it provides flexibility instead of binding to a specific technology or vendor to long periods of time. That is, significantly more control over aspects of your ICT infrastructure, while technology decisions that drive your business are tailor suited to your requirements, instead of being coerced to comply with single big vendor’s business agenda.

Now, there is even a better selling point. The future. This modularity provides maximized utilization of existing resources and minimizes obsolescence costs in future equipment/module replacement. Your capital investments in IT are simply less risky when able to continually optimize them through gradual refinements and modifications instead of leap changes (i.e large chunks of obsolete systems and equipment).