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Strategic View

It is a well known fact that companies worldwide are increasingly relying on IT to optimize communication, operations, and management. Although this is mostly a good thing, sometimes it has its drawbacks.
If we look at it from vendor-client perspective, sometimes, big, well established, IT vendors will typically aim to expand their offerings and affect an increasingly larger portion of client’s IT architecture, where the net result for the client enterprise is a continued loss of control, with an increasing deviation from its true business requirements.

In other words, it is very easy to find yourself in a situation where your IT investments do not strictly follow your true business requirements, but are more and more affected by Big IT Vendor’s business agenda. The so called Gartner’s Vendor Influence Curve depicts this in a simple manner.

However, Techman Systems is on your side. And, we are both resourceful and assertive enough to find a simple solution that helps our clients to stay firmly on course of their business.