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Unified Communication Systems

Unified Communication systems are aimed at integration of all communication channels throughout the whole organization (including in-building as well as remote-access communication) such as:

• Voice: Includes fixed voice, mobile voice and softphones.
• Conferencing: audioconferencing, videoconferencing and Web conferencing.
• Messaging: includes e-mail, voice mail and unified messaging.
• IM/presence: includes Instant Messaging, and Presence aggregation
• Clients: includes thick clients, thin Web clients and mobile clients.
• Applications: integrated communication applications.

A comprehensive case study by Intel Corporation’s CI Group showed significant optimization
in conducting usual day to day repetitive tasks. For example accessing voicemail or looking up a contact’s phone number and then placing a call were two and four times faster, respectively, than using the non-IP solution. Breakdown of these operational work tasks and productivity savings per employee showed summary of annual productivity gains in a given 650 end-users geographically distributed organization to reach up to $312 000/per year.

Unified Communication systems greatly enhance peer-to-peer interactions, shared situation awareness, and self-synchronization ability of your organization – that is, the ability to maintain high effectiveness over a range of conditions and circumstances.